Arts For Healing

Nurturing the spirit of children and families through
the arts

We strive to promote each child's development and quality of life, and help them and families cope with illness, traumatic events and the healthcare experiencethrough engagement with the arts while the child is at the hospital.

Arts for Healing, a Child Life Program since 2003 fosters self-expression, learning, community and enjoyment of the arts at Yale New Haven Children’s Hospital. Our team of professional artists, music and art therapists help build resilient children and families through our unique multi-disciplinary approach to self-expression.

Arts for Healing programs benefit patients from birth to young adults and their families. They offer families a welcome respite from medical concerns. Programs support their relationship to each other and to the hospital community. Patients share their accomplishments with family, friends, caregivers and their community.

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Arts for Healing is made possible solely through donations. Your support is essential to our work.

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