Dr. Robert J. and Lorraine D. Cronin Patient Care Unit

The newly refurbished Dr. Robert J. and Lorraine D. Cronin Patient Care Unit was the first step in the development of the Musculoskeletal Center on Yale New Haven Hospital’s Saint Raphael Campus (SRC). Last October, Richard D'Aquila, president and COO, unveiled the 29-bed unit located on the fourth floor of Verdi North which welcomes and cares for orthopedic patients.

After welcoming guests, Michael Holmes, senior vice president, Operations, SRC, noted that this unit "is the first tangible step for a vision of musculoskeletal care that will be like no other in the United States. It will build on our existing strength and our unique partnership with Yale School of Medicine."

Dean Robert Alpern, Yale School of Medicine, picked up on Holmes's comments. "We have a shared vision for turning good clinical programs into great clinical programs. This campus has a strong orthopedic program but I didn't envision a musculoskeletal center," Dr. Alpern told the audience. "Once we discussed it, we jumped on the idea. With the opening of this unit, it is a joy to see it evolve."

Plans for renovating the unit began in late 2012 with feedback from an interdisciplinary team from both campuses. The team worked to bring the best from what was learned in the construction of Smilow Cancer Hospital and prior renovations of units on the York Street Campus. Clinicians contributed to the design of the unit that will treat orthopedic and spine patients and meet their special recovery needs.

Before taking up scissors to cut the ribbon, D'Aquila introduced a volunteer and contributor well known on the Saint Raphael Campus — Lorraine Cronin, after whom the unit is named. "Saint Raphael's is my charity — and it was my husband's," she said. "It makes me happy to make a donation to the hospital I love."

Looking to the future

One of the hospital’s leading priorities is to build a Musculoskeletal Center located on the Saint Raphael Campus. Guided by unparalleled teaching, research and – most of all – a commitment to patient and family-centered care, the MSC will emphasize personalized treatment to meet the unique needs and preferences of each patient and family that turns to us for their care. The Musculoskeletal Center will provide specialty treatment under one roof for all musculoskeletal diseases.

The innovative and comprehensive MSC at Yale New Haven will provide patients from near and far with access to world renowned specialists in a convenient, patient-focused setting. It will be home to fully-integrated, multi-disciplinary teams of specialists providing the most comprehensive and timely medical care. This team-based approach will ensure thorough, individual attention to each patient’s needs. In this model, patient care will transcend typical interdisciplinary practice; such that in one location, specialists will deliver care from initial consultation, medical and surgical care, rehabilitation, education, nutrition, psychosocial care, to personalized follow-up care plans.

To learn more about plans for the Musculoskeletal Center and how you can help, please contact Lucy Sirico, Director of Development at Lucy.Sirico@ynhh.org or 203.789.3779